Friday, 17 June 2016

A visit from Stu Duval - NZ author of children's books

On Monday each of our three syndicates was entertained by Stu as he told some of his stories and showed us how to draw cartoons and illustrate stories we have written. He drew two pictures in chalk pastel and the syndicate that answered the most questions correctly about his story won the picture. Kea Class won! Good listening to the story! On Tuesday, Stu ran some writing workshops. He showed us how to generate ideas to write about and how to give stories the "wow" factor that makes people want to read the stories. One of his top tips was to have an ideas scrapbook. Every time time you see something that interests you, you should save that idea in your ideas scrapbook. Take a photo, draw a picture, cut the idea out of a magazine, write it down! His other top tip was to take an ordinary everyday object and ask yourself what are twenty things this could be? The middle syndicate turned a desk leg into a magic flute that could make people do whatever you wanted them to do! We all enjoyed and were inspired by Stu's visit.

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