Friday, 20 May 2016

The Three Little Pigs

A group of students got together this week to perform the play "The Three Little Pigs". They made masks,costumes and props and practised all week. We though they did a good job of the performance because they used different voices for each character, they knew when to say their lines and the costumes and props made the story come alive. Well done Holly, Theo, Lia, Emma, Dylan and Elizabeth and thank you Mrs Allott for helping us with the costumes.

Catholic Schools Day

On Monday 16 May all Catholic Schools in New Zealand celebrated Catholic Schools Day. This is an opportunity to showcase what a wonderful place of learning a Catholic School is. Our school started the day by welcoming new students and staff to our school with a powhiri at our local Parish church. This was followed by morning tea. After that the middle syndicate Kea, Kotuku and Kereru Classes walked up to Sundial Square and sang a selection of our favourite songs to the people of Richmond. It was a beautiful sunny day and many people were sitting in the square enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Motor bike skills by Sean

A helmet is  to protect your face and  gloves protect your hands so you do not cut your hands. Do you know what to do with armour? It is to protect  your heart. Elbow pads protect your elbows.
Your bike can get dirty and you have to wash your tyres  because the dirty tyres will slow you down when you go up the hills and  even if you go down a hill even if you go on flat ground you slow down.
You do not want to get the wobbles going up the jump or you will hit the ground and it hurts like when you get bucked off a horse! You can fall off and break a bone and that hurts!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Lego Cathedral

In the holidays we went to Durham Cathedral in England and saw Durham Cathedral made out lego. It had red ,blue,yellow and green lego bricks for the windows.We got to put three lego pieces on the lego Cathedral but you had to pay 1 pound ($2) to put a lego piece on. It was a meter and a half long. We also got to put a pin in on the globe. We put it on Nelson. by Scarlet.

Pig Hunting!

Pig hunting by Zac

In the weekend I went pig hunting with my brother and Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe shot a wild pig so we had to drag it up the hill and  we put it in the truck. After that  we went home and it  took two and a half hours.