Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A trip to Wellington by Emily.

On Friday I went to Wellington it was the first time I had been on a plane for six years. We traveled with Jetstar, it was fun. When we arrived in Wellington airport it was huge! My sister, my mum, my dad and me went on the bus to the James Cook Hotel. We were on floor 15. The next day we meet up with my cousin Carys to go to Te Papa museum. After we had seen everything but the Gallipoli exhibition, we went there. When we got inside we saw fake but life- like people . You could see the sweat, the tears, the blood and even the hairs on the arms. There were stories about the war and you got to shoot a gun into a trench. When we were near the end we went through a trench and there was a short little movie and at the end there was a dead person, it was sad. Almost near the end we got to make a poppy and throw one in and you could go back and make another one and take it home. After we came out we went to a cafe and I had a caramel slice and a hot chocolate. After I had finished my hot chocolate and my caramel slice we went to get a souvenir. I got a dog and my sister got a penguin. I named my dog Spot because she has a spot on her tail and my sister named her penguin Eric. On the last night of being in Wellington we went to see the rugby it was Wales vs New Zealand the score was 36- 24. Dad said that it was a good game.