Thursday, 2 June 2016

A holiday in Thailand by Ronin

We went on a holiday to Thailand.
The Tiger Kingdom My best day was the Tiger Kingdom. I got to lie on the tigers there are only 3. I got to see the big and biggest tigers but I got to go inside the smallest tigers cage and I got to get a souvenir and it was a little tiger. The elephant riding On the other favourite day I got to ride an elephant and I got to feed the elephant after the ride. It eats the bananas with the skin on and its trunk was rough. We had to take our jandals off and I got to ride on its neck it was a bumpy ride After the ride I got to feed him and he grabbed my arm but I got free. Dinosaur golf We went to Dinosaur golf I saw a lot of dinosaurs and we played all night. We had some dinner I had a big coconut with ice cream and vegetables. I liked it and I drew with my sister and the score was 28 all.

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