Saturday, 23 March 2013

A busy Friday

First we had our Kakapo Class Palm Sunday Liturgy. Then we had tennis coaching. After that we had only a bowl of rice for lunch so that we could experience what it feels like to only have rice to eat. (Some us had two or three bowls!)we raised $135.00 for Caritas. Finally, we walked around to Herbert Street to watch a car stopping demonstration. Phew!!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Purple Cake Day

On Friday it was purple cup cake day. Every one had to dress up in purple clothes. It was very fun. We all got have a cup cake and they were really yum. My favourite part was the icing. There were people dressed up in funny purple clothes. It was for a girl and a Mum who survived a big earthquake in their family. At maths time we had to make purple Jelly. Then we made prayer flags. They all looked like a big explosion and it was fun to do. Even some teachers were dressed up in funny cloths. Some teachers were dressed up in wigs and headbands.
By Charlie

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Purple Cake Day

On purple cake day we had a purple parade and Maisie was the winner our class.
After that we made prayer flags and we put prayers on the back of the flags. Our class made purple jelly. Gabriel's mum made some purple cupcakes, they were so yummy.
By Sophie

Monday, 11 March 2013

Weekday Mass

"Jesus showed us how to know and live like God. By following his example we can be like Jesus in our world today."
We invited our families to join us for mass today.

Exploding Science! by Hannah

First we cut the ends off the filter paper and then we drew a circle with black felt tip pen. Then we gave it to our buddy and they drew another circle. We got some straws  and we got a lid and put some water in the lid. We dipped the straw in the water and dabbed it onto  the black ink circle. It changed colour! It exploded like a firework! We had to wait for it to dry and it looked awesome. It kept changing colours. My colours were lilac, green, blue, purple pink and balck.

By Hannah