Sunday, 27 September 2015

Fun with weaving flax.

As part of our learning about Fabric and Fibre we learnt how to weave flax.

A visit to the marae by Emma and Rayah

As I went into the wharenui I was amazed! I saw lots of tukutuku patterns. I had to sit on the carpet until we had morning tea. When we were ready we listened to all the Maori people's speeches. After some of the speeches we did a waiata. Then we did some more speeches and the student councillors did the hongi.After that we had food in the wharekai. Later on we went outside to get a photo taken. Soon we said our mihi and then we went back to school. By Emma.
As I went into the wharenui I was amazed because of all the patterns and when I first looked up I saw a lot of koru patterns, they looked wonderful! There were thousands of them. When I felt the carvings on the walls the wood felt hard and some patterns were made from weaving. When we sat down a Maori man stood up and made a speech and then the women sang a waiata. It was lovely. Then awhile later we sang our waiata. After that we went into the wharekai and ate a lovely morning tea. After morning tea we went and had our photo taken and then we went back to the wharenui and said our mihi in our groups and then we went on the bus. By Rayah

Saturday, 12 September 2015

BALANCE AND AGILITY both in P.E and in math!

Two stepping stones were given to each pair of children to cross the river. No-one could fall off or they would be eaten by crocodiles! Having to slow down and balance well was a challenge.

And balancing weights in the class is fun for Hannah and Kate.

We learned to read kitchen and bathroom scales.

Re-enacted Baptism for R .E.

In R.E. Kea class have been learning about Baptism. It has been very interesting sharing all our special Baptismal things such as candles, photos, certificates, white garments and stories. Some of us remember our Baptism and some of us want to be baptised!

Cooper and Taylor are the chosen godparents.

We baptised the child "In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

Blessed oil was used to seal in the Holy Spirit. Dylan was the altar server.
Hannah and Sterl are the proud parents of their newly baptised child.


Under the Sea Parade

This is book week and St Pauls dressed up for the occasion. Here are some shots of Kea children.

Sensational seaweed.... Modelled by Finn and Marco.

Scary sharks... Ben, Cooper and Logan.

John Dorman then read us an hilarious story. Great fun!