Monday, 5 September 2016

Kea Class Visited St Vincent de Paul

Kea class visited the Richmond St Vincent de Paul shop. 
We saw how the clothes and household items are sorted,  priced and prepared for sale.

 We were amazed at the variety of things for sale. There was jewellery,  clothes,  kitchenware, toys, bedding and furniture.

We were told how St Vincent de Paul has people coming into the shop asking for help. They are gently interviewed and asked how best St Vincent de Paul can help them. They help with school fees,  some power bills, petrol or things that will help families.

The men showed us how the van was used for picking up furniture and dropping it off to people who needed it.

Look at the extra supplies that St Vincent de Paul has for helping out people when they are in need. Toiletries, meat, tinned cans, spreads, cereals, bread and baking things are stored here.

St Vincent de Paul does mighty work. They are an example of how to carry on Jesus' work of serving and loving others. 
At present they are asking earnestly for donations to be brought to the shop. With roadworks in the driveway, not much has been dropped off lately. If you have anything to donate please take it there and use the entrance off the carpark at the back. THANKS!

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