Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My Trip to Alaska by Hannah

We left Auckland and we had to sleep on the plane and then we arrived in Vancouver in Canada. First we went to Aunty Eileen and Uncle John’s house, we had tea and after that I went to bed. The next afternoon I met my cousin Eden and Zoe. Once we arrived in Alaska we got on the train we set off for the Royal Caribbean cruise, we had to have a seat pass. The seat pass tells you what room your in, like my room was 3610 and it's also a room key. The first day of the cruise we went for a walk around the cruise boat and we found the kids club. I went there every day and I met a new friend her name is Thea. Thea sat at the table across from us for tea. Once we arrived in Los Angeles the first thing we did was go to Disneyland and get our tickets. The next day we went to Disneyland and went on heaps of rides, my favourite was Splash Mountain. Later on in the week we went to Legoland. In Legoland everything was made out of Lego. We went on heaps of rides. The next day we went back to Disneyland and did some more rides. Then we went to the Lego shop and bought my very first Star Wars Lego set. The next day we went to the Cook Islands. In the Cook Islands we did Swimming, shopping and we went on the glass bottom boat and I learnt how to snorkel. After the Cook Islands we went home. It was a fantastic holiday and I will never forget it!

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time Hannah. A trip you definitely will never forget